Events Around Amherst & Noho For Superbowl

Siperbowl Parties at umass

Its that time of year again. That time where we Pats fans unite, or more specifically, we fake football fans look to come cheer for something we know nothing about and eat a bunch of free or cheap food.

Some events in the Amherst area:

  • 530pm Amherst, Stackers Pub (21+) Raffles for big prizes before the game. Begins at 630pm
  • 6pm Amherst , Spoke @ 31 East Pleasant Street – Raffle for 50.00 gift card. Always packed, good spot if you are use to space (21+)events around umsss superbowl
  • Amherst VFW (21+) Main st next to Brunos. This is a VIP Event only so unless you have been here before or come when it is crowded, it might be a hard sell to get in (but if you do its worth it!!). They let you smoke in here too!
  • The Hanger and Rafters ARE NOT 21+ if you coming there to eat, but it goes without saying it will be rowdy for the game tonight!

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