Umass RideShare Roundup 1/14-1/22

Gorman for getting rideshare

  1. Been trying to do this for months. Going onto the group boards, there are so many people offering or needing rides around the area. So we decided to post them all in one spot: Her

Here are the rideshares we found for the week (if you can’t view them, try to join the group where they are located. Be sure to be part of the specific Facebook group to contact people. ALSO BE SAFE, USE Trip Share with Google with friends and family if needed.

#Umass to Boston

  • (Needed) Friday, January 19th flexible – Ride from Noho/Hadley to Boston

Logan Airport NEEDED – January 14th Sunday around 630

Boston to Amherst RIDESHARE

North Shore / Greater Boston to Amherst


Bradley Airport to Amherst

NYC to Amherst  (Ct, Bradley on route)

Amherst/South Hadley to Springfield/Hartford

  • (Needed) Saturday EARLY AM January 13th from Mt Holyoke to Springfield Bus

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