5 Spot


  • Man throws a bunch of bills in the middle of the street in Noho. Great for traffic, no? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=228&v=aPNAhUD4bKU
  • #History – Nazi invade Madison Square Garden, 1939 Footage (very powerful and somewhat frightening)

Contest!! Sell Your Stuff and get Bubble Tea Or Groceries!!

Limered Bubble Tea

What Can You Win???

  1. Win 2 Bubble Teas from Limered Teahouse for You And 2 Bubble Teas for any of your friends (A NICE GIFT YEA U KNOW IT!)
  2.  $20.00 Gift Certificate to Amherst Pick-Me-Ups for any Restaurant or Grocery Order.

How To Win?


Post a Classified Ad in the Five College Classifieds. Lost & Found, Buy/Sell, Books, Rideshare. (Each post: 5 points)


Send us a photo of the best deals or discounts you have seen at any local store or restaurant. (Each photo: 10 points)

5 points = 1 chance

20 points = 5 chances

We will choose the winner on October 18th @ 9pm! If you want us to add something to the contest let us know by reaching us at our Facebook Page.

Lost & Found List

We are going to do a Lost & Found list for the 5-colleges and put it out in one of our monthly newsletters. If you want to add yours, please post it up on the Five College Classifieds Page and we will post it in our newsletter or FB Page!

Daily 5 Spot: SportsCaster Harasses Noho Woman, Free Speech at Umass, Party Tonight


  • NSFW: Woman Dies Leaning out of car, hit by street post! Serious, also posting this because you or someone you know does this once in a while. And don’t matter if this happened in the Caribbean or on Fearing Street, DONT FUCKING DO THIS K? THX
  • #UMass #Collegian – Good Editorial by Tess Halpern on protecting free speech for all sides, even if … Read Here
  • #Northampton #Smith #Harassment – Some dudeguy on some sports show meets up with a much younger woman trying to make it in the business and harasses her. She posts the entire tirade in public!


+Donate to Hurricane Relief, Pay for what you want for Coffee At People’s Market – #Umass #Amherst #Food (10/12/17)

+ Pre-Party OKtober Fest @ Monkey Bar (Anyone know if this is 18+ or not?) #UMass #Amherst #Party  (10/12/17 @ 9pm ish???)